Much ado has been given to 400cc motorcycle units, mostly due to its minimum compliance to expressway regulations. But for most part, there's more their lesser 300cc cousins. Lesser won't do justice to the likes of Kymco XTown 300i, which has proven as competent as their expressway-totting equivalents and let us show you why.

The scooter convenience
While other equivalent motorcycle units feature a stockier look and feel, the XTown 300i retains the convenience of scooters, with its more accessible footrest. It's one of the few out there in the market from a brand of course best known for its scooters. And just like any scooter, XTown 300i also has a fully-automated transmission.

Putting maximum in maxi
Nevertheless, don't underestimate this maxi-scooter. XTown 300i kicks 23 horsepower, which makes it an ideal highway runner and compensates for legal restrictions on expressway. Furthermore, it also conquers heavy traffic situations with its quick brakes. Not to mention the "T.R.A.I.N."-busting 69-mpg fuel economy feature for everyday riders.

Where to buy?
All Motortrade branches and Motortrade-managed Kymco 3s stores offer XTown 300i, but the best part yet is price. An XTown retails for Php 199,000 SRP, but you may avail of this handsome scooter at Php 50,000 downpayment and a Php 6,374/mo. payment for up to 36 months.